Learn Spanish in Manta

Do you want to learn Spanish in Manta?

Then you have come to the right place. My name is Bruno and I am a professional Spanish private teacher and tutor. You can see some of my teaching pictures and videos here.


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I am a native Spanish speaker originally from Argentina, but I have lived abroad for the last fifteen years, and I have been an English teacher for ten years: 
4 in China
1 in Japan
1 in Korea
1 in Thailand
1 in Taiwan 
and 2 in South America. 
6 of them at private schools, 2 at public schools and 2 as a private tutor. Right now I am based in a Manta, Ecuador and here’s a 2 minutes video where I explain a bit about my classes.

I speak and teach only neutral Spanish without any accent or slang and my primary teaching method is space repetition which I supplement, with lots of role plays, improvisation activities, and a student-centered approach, making sure that the teacher talking time is reduced to 20% of the of the class time, so the student is the one who gets the chance to speak at least 80% of the class.                                           

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I teach all ages and all levels. My rate is 20 USD an hour but it’s per class, not per student so in case 8 students come to the class then it’s $2.50 each, and I also offer a free 15 minutes consultation class for my students to ask me any question and get to know me before deciding to take my class.  

In case you are interested, you can email me directly on cutepuppy4u at 163 dot com, Skype: frutigelatin or on IG, FB, Wechat or LINE under the name: mylastvacation

And I have also put together a few books with teaching resources which can be found here.


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Translations in Manta

Because I know what it’s like to need help in Ecuador, I could go with you to the doctor, to the visa office, for shopping or even to business meetings, I will be the translator you deserve.

I have been lost myself in foreign countries most of my life and have found myself in a myriad of awkward situations because of the lack of a real interpreter who is fluent in my language and the country’s language. It is because of that I know sometimes you need a friend more than just an interpreter, you need someone who looks after you and your interests, you need someone who understands you and won’t permit you to get ripped off or cheated.

I will be your personal interpreter and friend in Manta to look after you in every situation.

I will make sure they don’t remove the wrong lung during surgery and that you don’t get overcharged while getting your playroom built in your spare room. I will look after your pet when you go on holidays and will fight for that refund you know you should be getting but they don’t want to give you.

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